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In this page you can find some more informations about Laptima, which is the Universe created by Miljan Bojovic (AKA PhoeniX-Storms). This Wiki page is about all possible details related to characters, places, lands and its stories within the world of Laptima. The lore is constantly in development and subject to change since it's an invented universe. Feel free to comment any section you like and even use the informations for games like Dungeons & Dragons.

About the universe of Laptima

The universe of Laptima is a fantasy world created while playing Minecraft modpacks(Tekkit and FTB Ultimate) . I simply started to mark places all over the map using the plugin DynMap At the beginning it was just fun to put names to some places and have them as reference points while playing in multi player, you could always say where you are without having to tell other players your coordinates and sometimes just telling your X, Y and Z were not of a good help for others to know where you were.

After playing for a while, I started adding more and more until I realized I could create anything I wanted, stories, cities, old temples with dark secrets and so on. I was having fun there, that's why I decided to create this wiki in order to bring to you all my creations about this magical world.

Let's start by explaining the name LAPTIMA. The name consists in three sub words: Lap, Ti and Ma which has a different meaning that depends on how you use the words. Lap Ti Ma is usually meant to describe the Heart of Men. So LAP=Heart, TI=of, MA=Men or also singular Man. Since the words refers to the most important thing in a man it can also be used to describe the centre of great importance, something that could be for example Laptima Hanzse. Where Hanzse means Land of Diamonds, so Laptima Hanzse literally means: The center of the land of diamonds, which in this case Laptima Hanzse is a city located far far away from the rest of the known world and it is also known to be the place of where men were born the first time.

PS: I hope you liked this little part of the story, so stay tuned to read more and also see more. I'll be able to upload an interactive map of the place so you can explore while reading the tales from this world.

Miljan Bojovic

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Land at the edge of the universe by georgelovesyart-d7xu87b